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Takachiho Evening Kagura 高千穂 夜神楽

Takachiho Night Kagura Festival Takachiho Night Kagura Festival
Takachiho Night Kagura Festival Takachiho Night Kagura Festival

See ancient Japan's gods, myths and legends come alive

From the middle of November to early February every year in Kyushu's Miyazaki Prefecture , the Takachiho Evening Kagura is an all-night extravaganza of dancing, storytelling, drum beating, and masks, celebrating an 800-year-old tradition. It's a highly entertaining and enriching view of Japan's historical origins. Takachiho's version was designated one of Japan's Intangible Folk Cultural Properties.

Don't Miss

  • All-night performances from November to February
  • Drinking sake and shochu with locals as you wander around the village
  • Learning the stories behind the masks and the cacophony of sounds

How to Get There

The easiest way to reach the festival is by bus to Takachiho.

From Kumamoto, ride a Kyushu Sanko Bus or Miyazaki Kotsu bus to the Takachiho Bus Center, which takes about three hours.

Dozens of ancient Shinto folk dances to entertain you

While this event is fun and loads of entertainment, the dances also have great significance in Japan's history. Most Japanese people believe the gods descended from the heavens and started Japan right here in Miyazaki .

The 33 dances performed during the full festival represent different gods and myths and reenact the Japanese legend of how the sun goddess Amaterasu, who had hidden in a cave and plunged the world into darkness, was coaxed back out by the whole pantheon of deities.

Some Gods represent marital harmony.

Other Gods represent fortune.

While other Gods represent fertility

Hit the main festival or come to enjoy any time

The main festival is held every November 22 and 23. Even if you can't make it then, from November to February different shrines in the area perform the all-night dances. These generally start at around 4 p.m. Takachiho Shrine holds a shortened version of this event each night for 1,000 yen, which is also great fun.

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