Nagata Inakahama Beach 永田浜(永田いなか浜)

Nagata Inakahama Beach Nagata Inakahama Beach
Nagata Inakahama Beach Nagata Inakahama Beach

Sand, waves, sea turtles and beautiful sunsets on Yakushima

Nagata Inakahama Beach, on the northwest shore of the little island of Yakushima , is a kilometer-long strip of sand known as a nesting spot for turtles.

How to Get There

You can reach the beach by bus and a short walk.

Nagata Inakahama Beach is a short walk from the Inakahama bus stop, which is served by Nagata-bound buses from Miyanoura.

Sunsets and turtles

The beach's location makes it the perfect place to watch the sunset. You can also see Kuchinoerabu Island, which is home to the active volcano Mt. Furudake.

The peak season of sea turtle nesting

This beach is the largest sea turtle nesting site in Japan, and between May and July, around 20 turtles visit the beach every night to lay their eggs.

During this season, great care must be taken when visiting the beach so you do not damage any eggs during the day or disturb the turtles while they are nesting at night. There is a viewing tower on the beach for those who wish to see the turtles as they come to shore.

The Yakushima Sea Turtle Museum

Near the beach is the Yakushima Sea Turtle Museum, which introduces and explains the ecology of sea turtles. During the nesting season in particular, lucky visitors may see the turtles swimming off the coast of Yakushima during the day.

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