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Yonaguni Island Horseback Riding 与那国島 乗馬体験

Yonaguni uma Horse Riding Yonaguni uma Horse Riding
Yonaguni uma Horse Riding Yonaguni uma Horse Riding

Riding a Yonaguni horse is a treat reserved for the kids

The Yonaguni horse is an incredibly rare pony native to Yonaguni , Okinawa's most western island. Children shouldn't miss the opportunity to ride one, whether for half an hour or half a day.

Don't Miss

  • Learning all about the Yonaguni horse
  • Feeding the horses and helping clean up the stables
  • Letting the kids enjoy riding a Yonaguni horse for themselves

How to Get There

There are one or two flights a day from Ishigaki Island to Yonaguni Island , and one flight a day from Naha .

There is also a ferry which runs twice a week, with return journeys on different days. Be advised, it takes four hours, and the sea can be rough at times.

Small but strong

Although the Yonaguni horse is small in stature, with a height a little over a meter, they are strong and have great endurance.

The horses used to be farm animals, but their farm work was replaced by machines. Only about 130 remain today. The numbers of Yonaguni horses are now carefully monitored. The riding courses help assure a future for the endangered animals.

There are different courses available, from 30-minute excursions for beginners to 2.5-hour treks to the beach for more experienced riders. Check with the tour operator regarding age and weight limits before you go.

The latest information may differ, so please check the official website

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