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Zamami Island (Zamamijima) 座間味島

Zamami-jima Island Zamami-jima Island
Zamami-jima Island Zamami-jima Island

Get away from it all in the Kerama Islands

If you are planning an overnight trip to the beaches around Naha during your stay, Zamami Island may be the ideal place for you.

It is the second biggest of the Kerama Islands , but with only one village and a population of 600, it is an unspoiled paradise in an emerald blue sea.

Quick Facts

Humpback whale-watching season begins in January

The island has free Wi-Fi covering the whole town, but it is strongest at the port

The blue shade of the waters here is so distinctive that there is even a color named after it: Kerama blue

How to Get There

The high-speed ferry from Tomari Port in Naha to Zamami takes between 50 and 70 minutes and runs two to three times a day. There is also a car ferry, which leaves once a day and takes twice as long.

Enjoy pristine beaches and marine activities

Head for Furuzamami Beach if you are planning to go snorkeling or diving. The clear waters and abundant sea life close to the shore are a natural wonder to explore.

There are stores where you can rent diving equipment, toilet and shower facilities, and a beach hut with a good selection of food and refreshments.

Ama Beach is a little more basic, with shower and toilet facilities but not much else. The beach is beautiful, however, and since the waters are relatively shallow, it is the perfect spot if you have young children.

You have to swim farther out to get to the good snorkeling spots. But if you do, you may be rewarded with the sight of one of the sea turtles that frequent the bay.

From the sea to the peaks

Away from the coast, the island is mostly tree-covered hills. There are fine hiking trails, unavoidably uphill much of the way, but you will be rewarded by spectacular views after the climb.

The view from Mt. Takatsuki, the highest spot on the island, is particularly impressive.

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