Tokoji Temple (Wakayama) 東光寺(和歌山)

Toko-ji Temple Toko-ji Temple
Toko-ji Temple Toko-ji Temple

A healing temple among the hot springs

Tokoji Temple is dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai, the medicine Buddha. The small shrine is right next to some of the oldest hot springs at Yunomine Onsen , revered by pilgrims for their healing qualities. You can experience both spiritual and physical healing. Entering the temple, you will encounter a seated statue of Yakushi Nyorai, made of sedimentary deposits from the hot springs.

Quick Facts

Pilgrims stopped in Yunomine Onsen to purify themselves in the hot springs, visiting Tokoji Temple on the way

On January 8 each year, the temple has a festival for the local hot springs

How to Get There

Yunomine Onsen can be accessed by bus from Shingu Station.

Get off at Yunomine bus stop. Shingu Station can be reached by express trains from Shin-Osaka or Nagoya.

The origin of the hot springs

The town of Yunomine owes its name to the healing Buddha of Tokoji Temple. Local legend says that the original hot waters that gave the town such prosperity gushed forth from the statue's chest. The town's original name of Yunomune—literally hot water chest—was later modified to Yunomine.

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