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Engetsu Island (Engetsuto) 円月島

Engetsu-jima Island Engetsu-jima Island
Engetsu-jima Island Engetsu-jima Island

Avant-garde and romantic art installations sculpted by Mother Nature

Along the Shirahama coastline, Mother Nature has used the roaring Pacific Ocean to create some rather avant-garde art installations, such as the spiky, jagged cliffs of Sandanbeki . However, she's a versatile artist, and her sensitive side has also sculpted a work of deep romance on the island of Engetsuto.

How to Get There

Access to the Engetsuto area is only possible by the Meiko loop bus that runs from Shirahama Station. Get off at the Rinkai stop.

The bus can be used to access other areas of interest along the coast, including Shirarahama Beach , the caves and cliffs of Sandanbeki , and the rock plateau of Senjojiki .

Sandanbeki, Senjojiki and Engetsuto can all be visited together in a leisurely half day.

Shirarahama Beach is beautiful year-round but only officially open for swimming in the summer months.

Uninhabited islet offers a symbolic sight at sunset

Engetsu Island is a small, uninhabited islet standing off the Shirahama coast whose unique feature is a full moon-shaped circle in its center, eroded by the sea. While an impressive natural monument at any time of day, it is at sunset when the beauty and romance of nature can be seen in all its glory.

The sun dropping down into this natural arch is one of the world's most dizzyingly beautiful sights and offers a chance for visitors from near or far to forge an eternal memory.

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