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Miyazaki-jingu Shrine 宮崎神宮

Miyazaki-jingu Shrine Miyazaki-jingu Shrine
Miyazaki-jingu Shrine Miyazaki-jingu Shrine

Explore a tropical forest shrine dedicated to Japan's first emperor

Featuring three separate shrines, multiple red torii tunnels you can walk through and photograph, and a tropical forest path, Miyazaki-jingu Shrine is much more than just a place of great historical significance.

Don't Miss

  • The sansha mairi forest walk, taking in all three shrines
  • Gosho Inari-jinja Shrine's vermilion gates
  • Gokoku-jinja Shrine and its war artifacts museum

How to Get There

You can get there via bus, train, car, or taxi. It is about 10 to 15 minutes north of the city center.

By train from Miyazaki Station, go north on the Nippo Main Line and get off at Miyazaki-jingu Station. You will see a giant shrine gate from the station's exit. It will take you less than 15 minutes to get to the shrine. It is about 15 minutes from the city center by car, taxi, or bus.

Discover where the mythology of Japan began

According to ancient Japanese records, Miyazaki-jingu Shrine is dedicated to Emperor Jimmu, Japan's first emperor. This is where Japanese civilization began, and it is why Miyazaki holds an important place in Japanese ancient history.

History aside, it is a beautiful shrine set amid some of the most lush, tranquil forests you could imagine.

The main shrine gate and the path to the shrine

Capture the gates of Gosho Inari-jinja Shrine

Walking under these gates not only makes for great photos but is also supposed to bring your business good luck.

If you have the chance, throw yourself into Japanese culture and make a wish by writing on a wooden block, known as ema, and hang it up with all the other wishes.

Another attraction in the vicinity

You can spend a few hours at Miyazaki-jingu Shrine just strolling around and enjoying the cool surroundings. If you are feeling spiritually reinvigorated, you could make it a day trip and combine it with a visit to Aoshima-jinja Shrine , located by the sea.

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