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Aoshima Beach Park 青島ビーチパーク

Aoshima Beach Park Aoshima Beach Park
Aoshima Beach Park Aoshima Beach Park

A top oceanfront attraction on the Kyushu coast

Since 2015, Aoshima Beach Park has been an oceanfront attraction during the months of April through September. It's the perfect place to relax by the beach, sip on a cold drink and snack on an assortment of hot and cold dishes while listening to relaxing tunes and watching the world go by.

Don't Miss

  • Lazing in the free hammocks while listening to music
  • Live gigs on selected weekend evenings

How to Get There

Easily accessible by car, bus or train from Miyazaki City center or Aoshima area.

Aoshima Beach Park is on the waterfront next to the bridge to Aoshima Shrine , a 10-minute walk from Aoshima train station.

If you're driving from Miyazaki City , head south on Route 220 then take the turn to Aoshima on your left just after the Kaeda River bridge. There's free parking past the main Aoshima arcade, or at the train station, until 5 p.m.

Enjoy the food and relax on a hammock

The food stalls at Aoshima Beach Park consist of five permanent food trucks and weekly pop-up stands. Each year the restaurants change, but there's always similar foods such as burgers, pizza, yakitori, pasta or noodles. For drinks, some shops sell coffee, and most have alcoholic beverages on the menu.

You can either sit down on the tables and seats, or swing between trees on a hammock. There are also private beachside booths called shade boxes with pillows, shaded from the sun, for rent.

Listen to live music as the sun sets

During the summer months from July to September, Aoshima Beach Park holds regular live music events on weekend evenings. Check local hotels and hostels for up-to-date information. If your timing is good, you might get to see 4-5 bands play in one night.

If you're planning a trip to the Aoshima area to see the seaside shrine and surrounding attractions, a few hours relaxing at Aoshima Beach Park is the perfect way to escape the sun and enjoy the beach vibe.

The latest information may differ, so please check the official website

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