Kyusendo Cave 球泉洞

Kyusendo Cave
Kyusendo Cave

The largest limestone caves in Kyushu

Formed over 300 million years ago, the Kyusendo Cave is the largest limestone cave system in Kyushu . Put on your safety helmet and headlamp and explore the one-kilometer route, which is open to the public. This part of the cave only takes about 30 minutes to explore.

Quick Facts

The whole cave system is almost five-kilometers long

20,000 greater horseshoe bats reside in the cave

How to Get There

Kyusendo Station is the closest to the cave, and there is free parking for up to 200 cars on-site.

Entry prices vary for adults and children of different ages, and there are group discounts available.

Thousands of bats

With stalactites dripping from the ceiling and stalagmites protruding from the floor, the view is always changing as new limestone pillars are created and old ones are worn away. The surrounding area is home to around 20,000 greater horseshoe bats, as well as Eastern long-fingered bats and bent-winged bats. Asleep during visiting hours, the bats only fly out of the cave at night when the area is closed to the public.

Adventure course

In addition to the regular viewing course, you can also choose a 50-meter adventure course to explore more of the cave system. Whichever course you choose, remember to dress warmly and wear good shoes as it is cold within the cave. If you get chilly, warm up afterward with a bracing hike on Mt. Gongen, or with a dip in a local hot spring.

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