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Subashiri 5th Station 須走口五合目

Subashiri 5th Station Subashiri 5th Station
Subashiri 5th Station Subashiri 5th Station

Take the red trail up Mt. Fuji and stop by the “Little Fuji” on the way

If you're planning to climb Mt. Fuji and are after a little adventure, consider Subashiri , the red trail, a slightly less well-trodden path that merges with the popular Yoshida Trail between the eighth station and the summit.

How to Get There

The best way to access the area is by bus from the nearby Gotemba Station.

The mountain climbing bus departs from Gotemba Station and travels up to the Subashiri 5th Station daily during its climbing season. The trip takes around 60 minutes. From Tokyo Station , take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen to Mishima Station and switch to the Tokaido Line, which goes all the way to Gotemba Station.

Quick Facts

The Subashiri Trail has a pathway that leads to a “little Fuji”

This is one of the less populated trails up the mountain

The forest zone extends much higher than other trails

A little off the beaten path

Subashiri is a less crowded route prior to intersecting with the Yoshida Trail at the eighth station. The slope is relatively gentle, and there are trees up to the seventh station. There are also a couple of shops at the trailhead, in addition to public restrooms.

The easiest ways to access the mountain

Out of the four fifth stations on Mt. Fuji , the Subashiri 5th Station is one of the easiest to access via public transport. This makes it an ideal place to begin the journey up the mountainside.

Visit “Little Fuji”

In addition to the main route leading to the peak of Mt. Fuji , the Subashiri 5th Station also offers a trail that leads to a peak called Kofuji, or “Little Fuji.” Sitting at 1,979 meters high, this small secondary peak formed on the side of Mt. Fuji and is located about 20 minutes from the station.

Be prepared

Even though there aren't as many climbers, the average times for an ascent on the Subashiri Trail is six hours and three hours for a descent, respectively. Note that there are no first-aid centers on this particular trail until it merges with the Yoshida Trail at the eighth station.

Going further

If you want to explore more or join the hordes of Fuji climbers, head over to the Yoshida Trail that weaves up the north side of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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