Urakami Cathedral 浦上教会

Urakami Cathedral
Urakami Cathedral

A lasting symbol of hope after destruction

Left in ruins after the devastating atomic bomb that fell on Nagasaki , Urakami Cathedral is now a cornerstone of peace and hope. While the nuclear blast demolished most of the original building, some structures withstood the blast. These include headless statues of saints, the bell tower and a wooden figure of the Virgin Mary that miraculously survived.

How to Get There

The cathedral is accessible by tram and taxi.

Urakami Cathedral is located just a 10-minute walk from Nagasaki Peace Park and the Maruyamamachi tram stop. The journey from Nagasaki Station to Maruyamamachi is 10 minutes by tram.

A story of faith and perseverance

This red-brick cathedral was once the largest Roman Catholic church in the East. After the atomic blast, one of the few things that survived was the cathedral's bell. Blast survivors dug the bell out of the rubble on Christmas Eve that same year and rang it. Those survivors and many others later joined together to rebuild the cathedral as it stands today.

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