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Karatsu Castle 唐津城

Karatsu Castle Karatsu Castle
Karatsu Castle Karatsu Castle

The seaside castle known as the Dancing Crane

The centerpiece of the city of Karatsu , Karatsu Castle is a hilltop castle. It is sometimes known as Maizurujo, or the “Dancing Crane,” because it resembles a bird with its wings spread wide and because its tower keep is said to look like the head of a crane.

Quick Facts

From the observation deck, you'll have a 360-degree view of the city

There is a lush Japanese garden outside, and an abundance of cherry blossoms and wisteria bloom around the castle in spring

How to Get There

From Karatsu Station, you can either take a quick five-minute cab ride or walk for about 20 minutes.

Water Castle

One unusual feature only seen among a few other castles is that part of this fortress rises directly out of the water. Constructed in 1602 and then destroyed entirely in 1872, the Dancing Crane was rebuilt in 1966 and is now a museum showcasing remnants of the domain's samurai past, including displays of armor and weaponry.

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