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Okera Mairi をけら詣り

Yasaka Jinjya Yasaka Jinjya
Yasaka Jinjya Yasaka Jinjya

A traditional fire ritual at New Year's, with fragrant herbs burned for good fortune

At New Year's, devotees descend on Kyoto's Yasaka-jinja Shrine to attend the late-night festival known as Okera Mairi. Medicinal herbs are set ablaze, and the negative energies of the previous year are swept away to bring in new good fortune.

Don't Miss

  • Taking home some of the embers to make zoni soup, or lighting a candle for good fortune
  • Watching other visitors attempt to keep the fire alight during their journey home

How to Get There

You can get to the Okera Mairi by bus, underground, taxi, or on foot.

The Okera Mairi takes place at Yasaka-jinja Shrine , which is easy to access by public transportation. However, since this festival takes place from late on New Year's Eve to New Year's Day, public transportation may not be available for the duration.

Ema votive plaque with an image of the Okera Mairi

Fires and fortune

The iconic fires of the Okera Mairi are lit with a medicinal herb and are said to remove the evil energy of the previous year.

If you want to improve your fortunes further, it is possible to take the flames home. To keep the fire alight at the end of the lit bamboo rope, it must be swung around continuously. The sight of ropes burning through the darkness will be an unforgettable start to a new year.

Note: You can take the rope home with you and hang it in your kitchen as an amulet to protect against fires, but please make sure to extinguish the flames before leaving the shrine grounds.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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