Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine 山口大神宮

Yamaguchi Daijingu Yamaguchi Daijingu
Yamaguchi Daijingu Yamaguchi Daijingu

The Ise-jingu Shrine of western Japan

Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine bears a resemblance to Ise Shine in Mie Prefecture . Known as the “Ise-jingu Shrine of western Japan,” Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine was constructed here in 1518, based on its more famous counterpart.

Pass through the torii gate and climb up the gently sloping steps to the shrines at the top. The three small inner shrines, with their steep roofs, are protected by a fence; however, there are many buildings around the shrine precinct to see.

Don't Miss

  • The wooden horse statues
  • The large stone lantern next to the central pond
  • Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, located nearby

How to Get There

Walk or take a taxi from JR Yamaguchi Station.

Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine is a 25-minute walk or five minute taxi ride from JR Yamaguchi Station. If you arrive by shinkansen at Shin-Yamaguchi Station, take a bus from the station entrance (30 minutes), and get off at the Kencho-mae stop. Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine is a five-minute walk from there.

Lots to see at Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine

Like Ise-jingu Shine , Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine is dedicated to Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Located in a forested area on the edge of Yamaguchi City , the shrine is very beautiful in autumn, when the fall leaves turn.

There are many interesting stone lanterns around the shrine precincts, and the red torii gates add a flash of color to the calm landscape.

Nearby Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art

The Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art is the main art gallery of Yamaguchi Prefecture . It is a walkable distance from Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine, at around one kilometer away. There are special exhibitions that change periodically, as well as permanent collections, including both traditional and modern Japanese art.

Near Yamaguchi Daijingu Shrine

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