Joeiji Temple 常栄寺

Joeiji Temple
Joeiji Temple

Joeiji Temple offers spiritual solitude and a magnificent rock garden

Joeiji Temple is a Zen Buddhist temple known for its traditional rock garden created by the monk and painter Sesshu. The garden is aesthetically delightful, evoking the tranquil elegance and simplicity Japanese gardens are known for.

Don't Miss

  • Strolling along the circular path to the gardens
  • Seeing the view over the gardens from the temple's terrace

How to Get There

You can reach Joeiji Temple by train or bus from the city of Yamaguchi.

Take the train from Shin-Yamaguchi Station to Miyano Station. From there, you can walk to Joeiji Temple in 25 minutes. You can also take a taxi. Another option is to take a #222 Bocho Bus from Shin-Yamaguchi Station in the direction of Yamaguchi for 38 minutes. Get off the bus at Sesshu-tei Iriguchi. The garden is a 10-minute walk from there.

A religious site with a long history

Built in the Muromachi period (1338–1573), Joeiji Temple is open to visitors. You can enter the wooden building and gaze out over the tranquil garden from there or explore the building's spacious tatami rooms and temple grounds.

Joeiji Temple Garden and Sesshu

Sesshu was a religious, artistic man who used his talents to good effect in the creation of this Zen garden. He spent some time in China, and his designs were influenced by the style he adopted there.

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