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Hinoyama Park 火の山公園

Hinoyama Park Hinoyama Park
Hinoyama Park Hinoyama Park

A ten million-dollar view of the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan

Part of the Setonaikai National Park , the view from the park is particularly stunning at night when the city lights are reflected in the waters.

It is the best spot to see Kanmon Bridge which connects Honshu and Kyushu, you can watch the boats pass by on the waters below. Considered one of the country's best night vistas, and in extravagant terms, called a "ten million dollar" view.

Quick Facts

The park contains tulips donated by Istanbul, a sister city of Shimonoseki

Hinoyama Park is at the top of Mt. Hino

How to Get There

The park is accessible by bus and then by ropeway or a hike up.

From JR Shimonoseki Station, take a Sanden Kotsu bus in the direction of Hinoyama Kokumin Shukusha. Get off at Hinoyma Ropeway stop, and take the ropeway up or hike to the top, about 30 minutes to an hour. If you arrive by car, the park is 15 minutes from Shimonoseki IC.

A gift of tulips

In 2009, a stunning tulip garden was opened to display over 40,000 tulips that were a gift of friendship from Shimonoseki's sister city, Istanbul. The beautiful flowers bloom from early to mid-April each year, bringing a splash of color to the park.

A nice spot to watch the world go by


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