Jinpukaku Guest House 仁風閣

Jinpukaku Guest House Jinpukaku Guest House
Jinpukaku Guest House Jinpukaku Guest House

A magnificent example of Meiji-era (1868-1912) architecture

Jinpukaku Guest House is an attractive French Renaissance-style building situated near the ruins of Tottori Castle .

How to Get There

Jinpukaku is accessible via Tottori Station, served by the JR West San-in Main Line. From the station, it can be reached by bus in around 10 minutes or on foot in around 30 minutes.

Pay a visit to Jinpukaku Guest House

The beautiful, two-story wooden structure was designed by noted architect Katayama Tokuma (1854-1917). Built in 1907, its features include white walls, large pillars, and a balcony from which you can enjoy views over the garden and pond. The inside is also elaborately decorated, with exquisite examples of curtain boxes and mantelpieces.


Jinpukaku Guest House was commissioned as a private residence in 1906 by the 14th Lord of the Ikeda Clan, Nakahiro Ikeda. It acted as the base for the Crown Prince Yoshihito, later Emperor Taisho, during his tour of the region in 1907. It is likely that the true intention behind the construction of the house was to curry favor with the future Emperor.

The Ikeda clan, who ruled the area from Tottori Castle until its demise, passed the house into the care of the city in 1974. The residence is open to the public and includes a display of various artifacts related to the Ikeda clan.

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