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Yakushiji Temple 薬師寺

Yakushi-ji Temple Yakushi-ji Temple
Yakushi-ji Temple Yakushi-ji Temple

A Chinese-style temple with healing powers on the outskirts of Nara

Yakushiji Temple was originally built near Kashihara in 680, by Emperor Tenmu. When the capital was moved to Nara and Heijo Palace constructed, Yakushiji was moved to its current location in Nishinokyo.

How to Get There

The temple is only a short walk from Kintetsu Nishinokyo Station.

A temple of healing

When Emperor Tenmu's wife fell sick, he built Yakushiji in prayer for her speedy recovery. Yaku means medicine in Japanese, and the temple is strongly associated with medicine and healing.

The Medicine Buddha

Inside the temple is a statue of the Medicine Buddha, or Yakushi Nyorai, dating back to 680. The Medicine Buddha is one of the first Buddhist icons to come from China.

The six-, no, three-storied pagoda

The pagoda at Yakushiji is a veritable optical illusion. While the main pagoda is really a 3-storied pagoda, the small roof-like eaves on each story give the illusion that the pagoda has twice as many stories.

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