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STORY Polish Up Your Japanese Learn key words and phrases before going out shopping

Navigating the world of shopping in Japanese

Most major department stores and shopping centers in big cities have staff that speak some English, however in less touristy areas as well as the suburbs, you may find yourself in a situation where there are no English speakers available to help. A little Japanese goes a long way. Practice and learn some of the phrases and words below before venturing out to the shops, markets and stores.

Do you sell ____?

Koko de __wa utte imasuka?


Examples of the items Japanese pronunciation
antiques kottou-hin (骨董品)
batteries denchi (電池)
clothes fuku (服)
cosmetics keshou hin (化粧品)
electrical appliances denka seihin (電化製品)
food shoku hin (食品)
Japanese swords nihon tou (日本刀)
jewelry houshoku hin (宝飾品)
kimonos kimono (着物)
kitchenware kicchin youhin (キッチン用品)
lacquer ware shikki (漆器)
medicine kusuri (薬)
picture postcards e-hagaki (絵葉書)
pottery touki (陶器)
shoes kutsu (靴)
stationery bunbougu (文房具)
traditional crafts dentou kougeihin (伝統工芸品)
ukiyo-e ukiyo-e (浮世絵)

Do you have a ( bigger / smaller ) one?

Motto (ookii / chiisai) no wa arimasuka?


Do you have the same one in a different ( color /design )?

Hokano (iro / dezain) wa arimasuka?


Could you change this for me please?

Torikaete morae masuka?


Is this made in Japan?

Kore wa nihon-sei desuka?


Can I try this on?

Korewo shichaku dekimasuka?


I want a __ one. (color)

__iro no ga hoshii desu


Fill in the blank with one of the colors below

Examples of colors Japanese pronunciation
black kuro (黒)
blue ao (青)
brown cha (茶)
beige beeju (ベージュ)
gray guree (グレー)
green midori (緑)
khaki kaaki (カーキ)
orange orenji (オレンジ)
pink pinku (ピンク)
purple murasaki (紫)
red aka (赤)
white shiro (白)
yellow ki (黄)

Do you have instructions in English?

Eigo no setsumeisho wa arimasuka?


Could you send this overseas?

Kore wo kaigai ni okutte morae masuka?


Could you gift wrap this please?

Gifutoyou ni rappingu shite moraemasuka?


Can I buy this duty free?

Kore wa menzei de kaemasuka?


Can I use this overseas?

Kore wa kaigai demo tsukae masuka?


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