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Sustainable Destinations Feeling Nature to the Fullest: A Sustainable Stay in the Wilderness

Sustainability is gaining widespread recognition as an essential global perspective, influencing how we approach environmental stewardship. Regions such as Aso in Kumamoto, Niseko in Hokkaido, and Amami Oshima in Kagoshima exemplify this commitment, celebrated for their active engagement in preserving natural heritage through sustainable practices. In these areas, visitors can engage in activities that nurture a bond with stunning nature, relish locally sourced delights, and enjoy eco-conscious accommodations, promising a journey of fresh discoveries.




Aso (kumamoto)





Aso City in Kumamoto Prefecture is situated in the central part of Kyushu in southern Japan. Renowned as a volcanic region boasting one of the largest calderas globally, it is aptly nicknamed the “Land of Fire.” The imposing Mt. Aso, a symbolic landmark of Kumamoto, dominates the landscape, and the expansive grasslands at its foothills possess a unique and captivating charm. Beyond its volcanic wonders, Aso is graced with abundant groundwater and lush forests, providing ample opportunities for nature interaction and fostering an understanding of sustainability.



To preserve the expansive grasslands known as Sennen no Sougen (Millennium Meadows), diverse activities are undertaken following guidelines for grassland maintenance and usage. These include controlled burns and volunteer patrols, contributing to the safeguarding of the area’s stunning and majestic landscapes.


Moreover, visitors have the opportunity to partake in various activities within the area that allow them to appreciate, feel, and understand the beauty of the grasslands. This active involvement is instrumental in aiding the preservation of the precious nature and culture of the region.



A private tour with a guide on electric mountain bikes through the great meadows is an ideal way to experience the natural charm of Aso. Crossing the great Aso Gogaku and traversing the Aso Caldera offers a unique opportunity to deeply appreciate the beauty and significance of Aso’s nature.



Embark on a special visit to Aso Shrine, where you'll tour the area and discover a mizuki, a natural spring drinking fountain. During your tours, immerse yourself in the vitality stored in the land of Aso, experiencing its rich history and culture. Additionally, take a guided tour of the crater of Mt. Aso for a unique opportunity to feel the overwhelming energy of an active volcano.



Experience the unique tradition of cattle and horse breeding, which dates back to feudal times, in the Sennen no Sougen of the Aso Caldera. In this area, usually inaccessible without special permission, ride alongside locals, feel the meadow breeze, participate in conservation activities like haymaking and rope-making, and connect with the wisdom and way of life passed down through generations, making for exceptional experiences.



In the fall grass harvesting season, consider staying in a kusadomari hut made of Japanese pampas grass for a unique experience. Sleeping under the starry sky, embraced by the earth and surrounded by the scent of grass, creates a precious moment of cultural immersion in Aso.



The region’s delectable beef, nurtured by Aso’s expansive lands, is truly exceptional. Indulging in this distinct beef and savoring traditional local cuisine not only enhances one’s appreciation for local produce but also offers a wonderful opportunity to actively participate in the community’s sustainable initiatives. Aso showcases its renowned Akaushi beef through public relations activities, encouraging consumption and linking it to grassland conservation and tourist attraction.



Aso’s volcanic area and land of hot springs embody a philosophy of living in harmony with nature. Kurokawa Onsen, with a history of more than 60 years, composts organic waste from inns and cultivates ingredients using natural farming principles. These sustainable practices beautifully mirror Aso’s commitment to coexist with the environment.



Aso is building a new model of tourism through innovative initiatives focused on sustainability. Experiences in this region offer more than just ecotourism, providing opportunities to reflect on connections with community, nature, and the future. Travel through Aso’s stunning natural beauty and abundant energy and enjoy encounters with new values.





ASO is GOOD! (Aso Official Website)





Niseko (Hokkaido)





In Hokkaido’s Niseko, renowned as one of Japan’s premier resort areas, the NIS-ECO project has been initiated to safeguard its crystal-clear waters, pristine air, lush forests, diverse wildlife, and globally acclaimed powder snow. This initiative focuses on environmental protection to preserve the region’s unique natural attractions for future generations.



Niseko’s nature vividly reflects the success of its conservation efforts. Visitors can experience the region’s rich natural environment through a variety of activities. During the green season, rafting on Niseko’s pristine rivers is highly recommended.



During the winter season, Niseko shines as skiers from all over the world flock here. Ski slopes for all levels offer the opportunity to enjoy quality powder snow to your heart’s content.



Exploring the rich culinary culture unique to Hokkaido, Niseko offers a delightful experience with Vegan Roll Pizza, featuring locally sourced ingredients like sauce made from freshly cultivated tomatoes from local farms.



When visiting Niseko, it’s worth stopping by Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU which is a resort dedicated to the protection of its snowy mountains and the coexistence with wildlife from three important perspectives: environment, experience, and local community. Particularly noteworthy is their ongoing parasite control project, aimed at achieving coexistence with the Ezo red fox.


Niseko recognizes its role as an Eco-Model City and an SDGs Future City, continuously offering wonderful experiences to visitors while valuing coexistence with the environment. The initiatives and attractions here, experienced through various activities, are sure to bring new value and inspiration to all visitors.





NISEKO Resort Tourist Association





Amami Oshima (Kagoshima)





Amami Oshima, located between Kyushu and Okinawa, is a popular resort known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and clear waters. Dedicated initiatives are underway to conserve the untouched natural beauty of the area, now recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site, by nurturing a harmonious relationship between nature and humanity.



As you travel to Amami Oshima, immerse yourself in its pristine natural beauty. The Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest Tour, a World Natural Heritage Site, lets you experience the island’s charm through trekking and mangrove canoeing.



The virgin forests of the Amami Islands are known as a treasure trove of rare flora and fauna. Around Yuwandake and Santaro Line you’ll find perfect opportunities for nature watching. Here you can observe unique species, especially the precious Amami rabbit, which is endemic to the region. The natural beauty of the area continues to captivate visitors in its unspoiled charm.


When enjoying activities and observing wildlife in this World Heritage Site, it’s important to follow the rules, respect the landscape and protect Amami’s ecosystem. Each visitor plays a key role in harmonizing with nature and preserving Amami’s precious environment for the future.



Amami also offers traditional craft experiences using natural materials, such as the mud-dyed Oshima Tsumugi, one of the world’s top three textiles. These crafts inspire visitors with their unique colors and designs.



To truly immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Amami Oshima, consider a stay at Denpaku. Offering four distinct types of accommodations, Denpaku is dedicated to preserving Amami's timeless architectural style and the rich tapestry of approximately 360 village cultures that have thrived for over 750 years. At Denpaku The Beachfront MIJORA, in selected rooms, experience a captivating blend of tradition and innovation as Amami's iconic craft, Oshima Tsumugi, is thoughtfully reimagined and woven into the fabric of the room's décor, crafting a space that is both artistically inspired and authentically original.



Furthermore, positioned as an accommodation facility with a focus on regional development, Denpaku offers immersive activities that turn the island's daily life into deeply engaging experiences for tourists. These activities provide visitors with the chance to partake in traditional village events, offering a glimpse into local culture and customs. Denpaku delivers extraordinary experiences by fostering strong connections with the environment, the local community, and its inhabitants, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking sustainable journeys.


Amami Oshima is more than a resort; it’s a place to appreciate the importance of loving and preserving your land and culture for the future. We hope that visitors connect with the island’s history, leaving with deep emotions and newfound perspectives. Amami Oshima is more than just a scenic spot; it’s a unique place that provides not only beautiful landscapes but also profound opportunities for learning and inspiration.









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