Seasonal Splendor at Hitachi Seaside Park

A tapestry of flowers blooms year-round on the beautiful Ibaraki coast

Hitachi Seaside Park is famous for its large-scale flower displays that change with the seasons. Spring rolls in on a colorful wave, as nearly 260,000 tulips and over a million narcissus flowers carpet the areas around the forest walkways. Around the same time, the sprawling hillside near the park’s seaside boundary bursts forth in a brilliant display of blue nemophila. Summer hues abound with the arrival of sunflowers and zinnia, and the refreshing sight of verdant green kochia bushes on the hill. Those kochia take on a bright magenta hue as the calendar turns to autumn, making for a photogenic contrast with the season’s clear blue skies. Even winter offers a colorful landscape, with the blooming of ice tulips and Japanese apricot trees.

While flowers are the main draw, the park also offers a host of entertainment options. An amusement park makes for the perfect family outing, while the athletic area appeals to the more active traveler. All can come together to enjoy a meal in the BBQ garden or one of the numerous cafes or restaurants located throughout the grounds.

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