Travel Back to 17th-Century Japan at Edo Wonderland

History aficionados young and old can experience life as it was in Japan's feudal times

Nikko is most famous for its impressive shrines and hot springs, but also offers a host of fascinating destinations for travelers looking to venture off the beaten path. If you've ever wanted to warp back to the old Japan, the historical theme park of Edo Wonderland is well worth a visit. Here, you can find a lovely recreation of a medieval town, complete with streetscapes of historical architecture populated by samurai, courtesans, and more.

And this enchanting destination isn't just about looking. Put on a traditional kimono yourself and wander the streets of old Tokyo, interacting with the townspeople as you stroll. You'll truly feel as if you're one with Japan as it used to be.

The park also offers a host of hands-on experiences that are sure to delight children. They can hone their ninja skills, practice samurai swordsmanship, or learn what it takes to be a police officer in Edo.

The whole family can enjoy mouthwatering recreations of traditional cuisine as well as a range of exhibits designed to give a closer look at life in Japan in olden times. Learn about how firefighters worked in the 17th century, get lost in a maze, or visit a swordsmith! A variety of performances and events are scheduled throughout the day, giving visitors the feeling that the city is truly living and breathing.

The park is open for most of the year, but is closed on Wednesdays and for 14 days during the winter months for maintenance.