An Authentic Tea Ceremony and Kimono Experience

Find tranquility in the heart of Japan’s ancient capital

Visit MAIKOYA in Kyoto to take part in a tea ceremony and immerse yourself in the Japanese cultural tradition. Admire the historical architecture of a historic machiya townhouse—registered as a Tangible Cultural property by the city government—and look out upon an exquisitely designed Japanese garden. Casually take part in the experience wearing your own clothes, or don an authentic kimono and fully embrace this time-honored legacy.

With a rich history spanning some four centuries, the world of the Japanese tea ceremony is deep and complex. No need to be intimidated, however, as a knowledgeable guide will walk you through each step in English, allowing this fascinating world to open up intuitively before you. As your host prepares each bowl of matcha green tea, admire the meticulous precision and respect that goes into every single movement. Of course, you’ll also have an opportunity to perform the ritual yourself.

Let the tranquility of the scene slow your breath and ease your mind. Open your ears to the gentle swish of a bamboo whisk frothing tea. Pause to appreciate the elegant room, carefully arranged flowers, and unique design of each tea bowl. Savor the contrast of the slightly bitter, aromatic tea as paired with traditional Japanese sweets.

Sessions are intimate, with six or so people in a group and private options also available. The Zen concept of ichigo ichie (referring to a once in a lifetime encounter) is closely tied to tea ceremony, which treasures each moment as something that can never be experienced the same way again. Why not take a break from the frenetic pace of modern life to appreciate the Japanese philosophy of mindfulness first-hand?

This transcendent experience awaits you just a 7-minute walk from Exit 9 of Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Line.

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