Voted as the Best Japanese Garden in the World

A gallery of Japanese masterpieces and a top-rated garden in one

Get your cameras ready – for various unique and exceptionally photogenic gardens within this 41-acre creatively landscaped all-season attraction. Weave your way through the Adachi Museum of Art, where pride of place goes to Yokoyama Taikan’s paintings.

Originally named Sakai Hidemaro and born in 1868, he is among the finest exponents of modern Japanese painting and known for having painted over 1,500 pictures of Mount Fuji. Alongside, enjoy a wide range of other highly renowned Japanese artists and take in Adachi Zenko’s dream of harmonious art and a garden expressed as a single oversized painting. After enjoying the exhibits, relax at a nearby hot spring resort, or take a 40-minute bus ride to historic Matsue, famed for its castle and canals.

The Adachi Museum is located in Shimane Prefecture, just a short 75-minute flight from Tokyo, or 3.5 hours from Osaka and Hiroshima by bus.

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