Sea-View Cycling at Its Best

The Shimanami Kaido: Conquer Japan's most scenic and famous cycle trail!

The 'Shimanami Kaido', Japan's most famous bikeway, is a cycling trail that links the cities of Onomichi and Imabari, in Hiroshima and Ehime Prefectures respectively. Located within the borders of the vast and verdant Setonaikai National Park, it spans some 70km and six islands along the way.

There's no Alps-style climbing either! Even the more reluctant bikers among you will delight in pedaling the mostly level trails, amid stunning scenery wherever you look. No wonder it was voted one of the Top 7 cycling routes in the world by CNN.

To make it even easier to enjoy, there are bike-friendly hotels in both terminal cities and numerous points to receive and drop-off rental bikes.
You can also expect help and support if you run into any problem – so grab a helmet and get your two-wheeled tour underway!

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