Visit a Sake Brewery in the Heart of Kanazawa

See how sake is made and savor the product at historic Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

Anyone looking to wet their whistle with a sip of Japan's signature beverage should plan a stop at the Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery. Conveniently located in Kanazawa's traditional city center, this historic brewery has been producing sake since 1625. To this day, the sake they brew with time-honored techniques passed down through generations is treasured by residents of Kanazawa and sake fans far and wide.

Kanazawa is blessed with pristine and abundant water, flowing from Mt. Hakusan and filtered underground for over a hundred years. With this water, together with premium sake rice, yeast, and koji (a mold used in the fermentation process), Fukumitsuya brews only Junmai (pure rice) sake, the absence of additives ensuring a clear, rich taste.

Visit during the brewing season from October to April and you can take a guided tour of the brewery, giving you an inside look at the fascinating process by which sake is brewed. Tastings are available year-round, and if you're not the drinking type, the brewery store also offers a range of healthful food and non-alcoholic beverage items, along with skin care products making full use of the power of fermentation.

They have another gift shop in the city that sells not only sake but foods created from fermentation and cosmetics made from sake.

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