Kobe Beef:Beyond Words!

Attention meat lovers, premium, prime Kobe beef is ready to amaze you

The city of Kobe, full of visual and edible feasts, is best known for its namesake beef—and for good reason.
Kobe beef is succulent. Packed with flavor. A world-famous melt-in-the-mouth sensation. It takes exceptional skill and care to bring this unmatched beef to your table.
The meat comes from cows born and reared exclusively in Hyogo Prefecture, where Kobe is located, and only the heifer and steer that meet the strict standards are certified as Kobe beef. Among these chosen few, grade A5 is the best of the best.
The meat is typically enjoyed as steak grilled to perfection for you right on the spot: on a hotplate inches away.
Expect to pay over a hundred dollars to feast on premium Kobe beef—well worth it for a meal you’ll never forget!

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