Experience the Rich Tradition of an Old Castle Town at Hotel NIPPONIA

Journey back in time to the Edo period at this unique Hyogo hotel

Just one hour by train from Osaka lies Sasayama, a picturesque castle town dating back over four centuries in northern Hyogo Prefecture.
Certified as one of Japan’s 100 beautiful historic towns, this enviable collection of traditional architecture and culture offers all visitors a wealth of living history. And why not delve even deeper into its charming nostalgia by staying at one of Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA’s nine residential villas?

Each has its own unique story: one was a former Japanese tea shop, another the private home of a bank magnate. The houses retain a traditional atmosphere alongside seamless modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
To make the most of the experience, book a meal here — you’ll dine on local delicacies like succulent Tajima beef, Matsutake mushrooms and more.

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