A Touch of Traditional Luxury Near Takeda Castle

Spend a memorable night in a converted sake brewery

A stay at Takeda Castle Town Hotel En, an elegantly restored property at the base of Takeda Castle, will take the traveler a step back in time. The property, which has been in the Kimura family for 400 years, once served as a locally renowned sake brewery. Today, it draws upon that history to welcome guests and make them feel a part of the long-established community.

Both the former drawing room and the large warehouse have been repurposed to serve as guest rooms, complete with both Western-style mattresses and Japanese touches like sliding shoji screens and tatami mats. Wooden beams and ornate scrolling call to mind the structure's past life as a brewery. Next door, a separate annex is set aside for rent by one single group per day.

Food is another highlight at Takeda Castle Town Hotel En, with dinner ingredients drawing on regional bounties. Tajima beef, one of Japan’s heritage cattle brands, takes center stage, accompanied by a parade of locally grown vegetables.

Takeda Castle Town Hotel En is just a short walk from the approach to Takeda Castle, known as the “castle in the sky” due to the unique autumn weather conditions of fog and clouds that give the appearance that it’s floating in midair.

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