Unwind in Shimane at Hoshino Resorts KAI Izumo

Relax in a luxurious Japanese inn

You’ll find KAI Izumo in remote Shimane, a sparsely populated prefecture in the western part of Japan’s main island. But its out-of-the-way locale doesn't hinder the resort from offering all the luxuries associated with traditional Japanese hospitality. Every room has its own outdoor hot spring, as well as an indoor bath. You won't even need to bring pajamas, since you'll be provided with comfortable yukata.

And be sure to come hungry! Dinner is a multi-course kaiseki feast with almost more food than you can eat, and breakfast is a spread of all sorts of dishes. Everything is lovingly prepared with fresh, local ingredients. If you want the full hot spring experience, take a dip in the ryokan’s public bath. They also offer massage services if you’ve been feeling a bit tense.

KAI Izumo is located within Tamatsukuri Onsen, a charming and historic hot spring town by the shores of Lake Shinji. From Tokyo, travelers can take a 90-minute flight to Izumo Airport, from which it is a 30-minute bus ride to the springs.

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