Kick Back and Relax in the Untouched Wilds of Hokkaido

Refresh your body, mind and soul at Natural Resort Hygeia

Shizunai is a small town just over two hours from Sapporo. Known for its horse farms, forests, and Ezo mountain cherry trees, it’s a part of the larger town of Shinhidaka, a pastoral and picturesque locale nestled between the Hidaka Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Natural Resort Hygeia is a luxury hotel located deep in this beautiful, off-the-beaten path area. With the ambiance of a snow lodge in the winter, and surrounded by verdant green in the summer, a stay here is sure to heal you both inside and out. This far north in the mountains, you're sure to find refuge from Japan’s hot summers. With rooms designed so that nature is just outside your window, you're sure to feel at one with Mother Earth.

The resort staff focus on providing top-tier dining and relaxation opportunities beyond those of a typical city hotel. Guests looking to truly pamper themselves should be sure to visit their spa for a massage, facial, and more.

Their restaurant highlights the importance of “natural” - which means sourcing local ingredients. They grow most of their organic vegetables on site, and you’re sure to taste the difference! Other Hokkaido delicacies include their beef and top-quality kombu. Their chefs’ superb plating skills are certain to make your memories special.

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