Omicho Market Tour & Cooking Class

Let a local cooking teacher show you how to master exquisite Kanazawa dishes

Experienced and aspiring chefs alike are invited to take up the challenge of preparing an authentic Kanazawa meal, Join the cooking class at In Kanazawa House. A locally born culinary researcher who teaches at an area university will enlighten you on regional food culture and guide you hands-on through time-honored regional techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Meet your teacher of the day at Omicho Market—a bustling venue known as Kanazawa’s kitchen—with an interpreter on hand to help you communicate with ease. Tour a market with 300 years of history—patronized by chefs from well-established restaurants since olden times—and hear all about the freshest ingredients from the merchants themselves. Peruse seafood sellers to learn what’s in season, how best to prepare fish, and even to see fresh catches cut before your eyes. Visit produce stalls to let your instructor tell you all about the locally beloved Kaga vegetables, and dried goods vendors to learn how to pick out the tastiest konbu seaweed.

When you’ve finished your guided tour of the market, you’ll head back for a class in preparing Kanazawa cuisine. From how to prepare dashi broth to proper knife-holding technique, your guide will cover everything as you pick up traditional cooking techniques while deepening your understanding of the city’s rich culinary history. Next, savor your meal along with soup and dessert to fuel up for enjoying a day in this charming and astonishingly well-preserved historic city.

In Kanazawa House is just a 15-minute walk or short taxi drive from JR Kanazawa Station, about two and a half hours from Tokyo via the JR Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train.

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