Stay in Miyajima, the Magical Island

Discover the hospitality and beauty of a classic Japanese ryokan

After the crowds of day trippers disappear on the last ferry, Miyajima becomes a magical place. Savor the serene evening atmosphere of this island in the Seto Inland Sea—part of the Setonaikai National Park—at Iwaso, an inn that first opened in 1854.

Iwaso Ryokan is one of the most famous Ryokan on the island of Miyajima, with a history that dates back more than 160 years. Located in the most ideal location on this magical island, it features authentic Japanese-style accommodations in a beautiful natural setting. Come in autumn and behold the blazing red leaves of the maple trees. Iwaso Ryokan comprises three buildings, the “honkan” main building, “hanare” cottages, and the “shinkan” annex. The main building and cottages were constructed by Miya-daiku craftsmen who built Japan’s beautiful temples and Shinto shrines, and all the rooms are cozy and comfortable to stay in. At dinner time, enjoy delicious fresh and seasonal local cuisine served to you privately by your waitress in your guest room. The peaceful atmosphere around Iwaso is sure to make for a relaxing stay.

Iwaso is perfectly positioned to allow easy exploration of the rest of the island. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine is just a short walk down the hill, while the ropeway leading to the island’s peak and breathtaking ocean views is about 10 minutes on foot in the opposite direction.

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