Discover the Birthplace of Pearl Culture in Ise Shima

Enjoy the history and beauty of these gems of nature at their place of origin

The birthplace of cultured pearls can be traced to the sea of Ise Shima, part of Japan’s Ise-Shima National Park and the place where the world's first successful pearl farming began. In 1888, the breeding of Akoya which yielded half-pearls began in Ise Shima's Ago Bay, and by 1906 a method to produce round pearls was developed. This technique spread, and has since contributed to the growth of the pearl industry worldwide.

Visitors to Pearl Falco in Ise City can learn all about the types of pearls, of various colors, shapes, and sizes with no two exactly alike. Find out how pearls are evaluated and valued, from lustre to nacre and more. Then shop for pearl jewelry, or even make your own in a hands-on workshop. Choose everything right down to the color and size of the pearl, and you'll come away with a treasure all your own.

Ise Shima also holds many treasures for the palate, from spiny lobster to oysters and abalone. Roughly 90 minutes by train or car from Nagoya, Ise Shima tempts travelers one and all with the call of the sea.

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