Set Sail to the “Abandoned City” of Gunkanjima

Explore a deserted industrial island off the coast of Nagasaki

Rising from the azure waters off Nagasaki City, at the far western tip of Japan's main islands, Hashima Island has been nicknamed Gunkanjima (literally “battleship island”), reflecting its unique resemblance to a Japanese battleship.
Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015, it proudly embodies Japan’s strength during the Meiji Industrial Revolution. A coal mining town since the 19th century, it features dense clusters of concrete towers that housed workers — homes which were abandoned in 1974 and now stand silent and motionless.

You may even have caught a glimpse of Gunkanjima in a cameo in the 2012 movie Skyfall. Off-limits to the public for decades, these days you can enjoy the eerie atmosphere of the abandoned island in person, with several companies offering daily boat tours.
At the mainland Gunkanjima Digital Museum, meanwhile, you can also safely explore the island’s no-go zones through VR.

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