Be a Lord or a Lady in Your Very Own Japanese Castle

Experience the ultimate in luxury by staying at a real castle

Back in the 1600s, Japan was dotted with over 3,000 wooden castles. Nowadays, just a few of them remain with their original design and appearance. Try to imagine staying overnight at one of them.

Now you can, thanks to a luxurious castle stay offered at Ozu Castle, located in Ozu City in Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island. Ozu Castle has been acclaimed for its excellent craftsmanship techniques.

Once you arrive, you will be changed into authentic armor and whisked off to join a parade entering the castle, just as the first lord of the domain, Sadayasu Kato, did back in the early 1600s. Your arrival will be announced by conch shells and high-flying banners, and a gun salute will let all know that you are in town.

Following a guided tour of the castle and its surroundings, sit back and enjoy traditional performances of Gagaku court music, and Kagura, the Shinto religious dance. Then a sumptuous feast awaits you. Made with locally sourced ingredients and modern twists on recipes handed down from the Edo Period (1603–1868), plated on locally produced Tobeyaki ware, this is truly a meal fit for royalty.

On the castle ground is a bathhouse with a lounge boasting panoramic views of the castle, which is illuminated at night. You might want to top off your day with a starlit toast here.

The next morning, after enjoying the luxury of sleeping on fluffy futons inside the castle tower, you and your companions will be treated to a matcha tea ceremony together with a traditional breakfast at Garyu Sanso Villas, a government- recognized cultural property that is listed in a famous green guide to restaurants.

Once you’ve been a lord or lady of your very own castle, you may never want to leave. Castle stays are limited to one group per night and English language support is available, making Ozu Castle an ideal destination for couples, families or friends.

Access: From Shin-Osaka Station, take the shinkansen bullet train to Okayama Station, about 50 minutes, and then from Okayama Station, take the train to Matsuyama Station, about 2 hours and 50 minutes. After alighting from the train, a courtesy vehicle will take you to the hotel, about 1 hour.

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