Stay at an Edo Merchant Storehouse in Toyama

Live the rich life, culture and history of Japan's feudal age first-hand

For Japanese history and traditional culture fans, a trip to Oyatsu in the picturesque town of Etchu-Yatsuo is like stepping into a virtual time machine. Walk the cobblestone streets of this former merchant town that flourished in the Edo (1603-1868) and Meiji (1868 -1912) periods and soak up the rich history and architectural beauty that awaits around every corner.

A real treat is the Oyatsu storehouse, where visitors are invited to get hands-on with the cultural legacy of the town. Constructed in 1872 as the base of operations for a prominent silk and Japanese paper merchant, the beautifully preserved building now allows guests (one group per night) to stay the night to truly immerse themselves in Yatsuo's history.

Spend a relaxing night in a room with a garden lookout designed by a Kyoto master. With a reservation, you can enjoy a meal prepared from the fruits of the surrounding mountains, as well as cultural experiences such as making washi Japanese paper. Rent a kimono and feel like a resident of old Japan as you stroll through the townscape.

Etchu-Yatsuo is just three and a half hours from Tokyo, with Oyatsu a short 10-minute bus ride from the station.

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