Sightseeing on the Kurobe Gorge Railway

Enjoy stunning beauty in all seasons on a tram offering some of the most panoramic views in Japan

Are you an admirer of Mother Nature? Hop aboard the Kurobe Gorge Railway and treat your eyes to a bounty of natural beauty. Originally built to aid in the construction of electric power facilities on the Kurobe River, this train will take you through a wonderfully scenic 20-kilometer stretch across bridges and through tunnels, offering sweeping views of the gorge below throughout.

You're free to come just for the sights, but why not make a day out of it and stop at the numerous stations along the way to enjoy all this untouched area has to offer? Visit hot spring facilities where you can enjoy the surrounding nature while soaking in blissfully warm waters. Or go for a stroll across the many footbridges to enjoy the landscape at a more leisurely pace than you can by train. A variety of hiking courses are available from the final stop, all boasting sights sure to please the outdoor lover. If that’s not enough, the many splendors of Chūbu-Sangaku National Park are just a short trip away.

The Kurobe Gorge Railway operates from spring, when the trees are fresh and green, through autumn, when it becomes an immensely popular foliage-viewing spot. Just 3 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen and local trains, it's a destination no nature lover should miss.

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