An Authentic Japanese Pottery Experience in Kyoto

Fashion your own tea bowl with the guidance of an artisan at the Shoraku Kiln

Nestled in the hills of Kameoka City on the outskirts of Kyoto, you'll find the Shoraku Kiln, where pottery is still molded by hand and fired with the same techniques developed by the pottery master Chōjirō in the 16th century. Here, aspiring potters can learn to make their own Raku-style tea bowl, treasured by tea masters for centuries.

Join a three-and-a-half hour workshop, and you'll learn hands-on the techniques that produce these unique pieces, known for their slightly uneven shape which embodies the wabi-sabi aesthetic. You can also take part in a traditional tea ceremony. Workshops are limited to one group per day to ensure an intimate experience.

The city surrounding the kiln is also worth exploring—a former castle town, it is home to many charming shrines and temples, as well as a number of traditional sake breweries. Kameoka is easily accessible, less than one hour by train and taxi from central Kyoto.

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