Experience Japanese Papermaking at Kamitowa in Osaka

Learn a traditional Japanese craft and make a souvenir to treasure for a lifetime

Kamitowa comes from the combining of two Japanese words: ‘kami’ (paper) and ‘wa’ (Japanese tradition). At Kamitowa you can learn the time-honored craft of making Japanese paper, or washi.

Washi has a history of about 1400 years, beginning as a winter side job for farmers. They produced the raw materials of Japanese paper, then produced the paper inside their home in the cold months. This way of making paper from raw materials was common until as recently as 100 years ago, when mass-manufactured foreign paper became more common due to its quick production and lower costs. Though there are only a small number of homes that produce washi still today, the technique has experienced a renaissance in the modern age of environmental awareness. Kamitowa was established with the goal of preserving the heritage of Japanese papercraft, and sharing the culture and tradition with people from all over the world.

Visitors to Kamitowa can choose from a variety of workshop offerings, allowing you to make anything from postcards, to wall tapestries, to table mats. Those looking for an even more cultural experience can elect to make a ‘Goshuin’ book, a special volume you can take on a pilgrimage to temples and shrines, receiving seals to create a truly unique collector's item. Experience traditional Japanese craftsmanship and return with a hand-made memento of your very own.

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