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Kochi | Daruma Sunsets of Kochi Prefecture

Daruma Sunsets: a lucky occurrence in Kochi Prefecture
Have you ever heard of a 'Daruma Sunset' before? A daruma is a traditional (often red) Japanese talisman doll of fortune and luck usually depicted as a seated priest. They call them 'Daruma Sunsets' because the point where the water meets the setting sun melts together to produce a silhouette that looks like these dolls.  They are mainly visible from the middle of November until the latter half of February. The appearance of these sunsets, however, is dependent on multiple factors. At each location, various factors such as time, temperature, and visibility affect the likelihood of one appearing. It is truly a feat of luck to be able to experience one of these sunsets.  The chance of seeing one in Kochi Prefecture is high. Kochi Prefecture boasts many viewpoints to encounter these beautiful sunsets. There is even an opportunity to see not only a 'Daruma Sunset' but also a 'Daruma Sunrise' at one of these locations. Nakatosa Town is approximately 1 hour by car from Kochi Airport.



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