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Aomori | Hachinohe Yokocho

A night out in Northern Japan: bar hopping the iconic alleyways of Hachinohe

When night falls in the northern city of Hachinohe, Aomori, what looks like an innocuous city transforms into a wonderland of drink, food, and nightlife. Eight yokocho, or alleyways, wind their way through the downtown area of Hachinohe, creating a maze of izakaya, bars, and restaurant-lined streets. The places you can discover in the yokocho are very small, usually seating 10 or fewer people, and offer creative dishes made with local ingredients. Many of the establishments are privately run, with a relatively small number of chain restaurants. Although it makes accommodating larger groups more difficult, the smallness of these establishments is what makes them so much more relaxing and unique. In every yokocho, you will find animated conversation, welcoming staff, and an endless font of drinks and amazing food. Take the dive into a night of adventure, lose track of time on an unforgettable izakaya crawl and get intoxicated not just from good sake but from interesting company and an unforgettable atmosphere. Get ready to explore the iconic alleyways of Hachinohe!

A night out in Northern Japan: bar hopping the iconic alleyways of Hachinohe
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