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Saitama | Japan’s Longest Cherry Blossom Corridor

A pleasant stroll under the blossoming cherry trees of Minuma Tambo

Minuma Tambo is a large-scale green space located in the center of Saitama City, only 2-3 km away from Omiya Station and Saitama-Shintoshin Station. Although just a short distance from the busiest areas of the city, a beautiful rural landscape, including rice paddies and vegetable farms, awaits you here. In the west and east sides of Minuma Tambo, for about 60 km, runs the Minuma Daiyosui, an irrigation channel for agriculture diverted from Tonegawa River that has a history of 300 years. Along the Minuma Daiyosui you can find Japan’s longest cherry blossom corridor, which stretches for over 20 km and is the perfect place for pleasant strolls under the blossoming cherry trees. Most of the cherry trees are yoshino cherry, but you can also see other varieties such as miyabi-zakura, edohigan, and yama-zakura, which bloom at different times and allow you to enjoy the cherry blossoms for a longer time. In springtime, people of all ages visit Minuma Tambo to learn about its history while viewing the cherry blossoms.



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