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Tottori | Misasa Onsen Hanayu Matsuri

A traditional festival featuring a giant tug-of-war between local teams

In Misasa Town, Tottori Prefecture, every 4th of May is held the Hanayu Matsuri. Designated as an Important Intangible Folk Asset, this traditional festival is famous for its two-day ropes making and giant tug-of-war. During the Hanayu Matsuri, locals make two giant ropes of 2 meters and 2 tons, using wisteria roots softened in the town’s river for a few days. The tug-of-war takes place inside the onsen district where the East Team and the West Team confront each other. Anyone is welcome to take part once the two ropes are tied together. It is said that if the East Team wins, the harvest will be good. If it is the West Team that wins, the commerce will prosper.

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