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Fukui | Myotsu-ji Temple

Matcha and Ajikan meditation experience at national treasure Myotsu-ji temple in Obama

The city of Obama, which has prospered as a gateway from the continent to Nara and Kyoto and was the route of Buddhist culture, is home to many ancient temples. The main hall and three-storied pagoda of Myotsuji Temple were built in the 12th to 14th centuries and are designated as national treasures. In the main hall you can admire a seated Yakushi Nyorai in the middle, and two statues called Jinja Taisho and Gozanze Myoo standing on either side. All three statues were crafted in 11th-12th centuries. After your visit, a bowl of matcha powder-green tea with home-made sweets will be served in another hall. Then, under the guidance of a priest, you can experience Ajikan, a special meditation method developed in the 9th century that consists of meditating while facing a sign board of the Sanskrit character A. Myotsu-ji Temple is located about 5 km from JR Higashi-Obama Station. Electric bicycles are available for rent at the station.

Tour Schedule: 9:00-9:30 Main Hall and Three-Story Pagoda Visit / 9:30-10:10 Tea Experience / 10:15-11:00 Ajikan Meditation (total cost: 3,500 yen)


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