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Shizuoka | Shizuoka Green Tea

Taste the Gotemba Green Tea of Shizuoka Prefecture
Japanese tea is an indispensable part of Japanese people’s diets. When you mention Japanese tea, the vivid green tea known as “Ryokucha” (literally translating to "green tea") comes to mind for many people. Shizuoka is the largest tea producer in Japan, estimated at around 40% of all the tea cultivated in Japan. In fact, Shizuoka has a long history of tea cultivation—and it is thought that tea cultivation in Shizuoka has begun as early as in the 1200s! Explore some of Shizuoka’s best Green Tea Destinations—Gotemba City is highly recommended to experience Green Tea. Gotemba is a highland city which lies at the foot of Mt.Fuji and has a rich natural environment. You can experience tea ceremonies or tea factory study tours which includes a tea plantation tour and tea harvesting/hand processing experience. It takes only 90 minutes by bus or train from Shinjuku station, Tokyo.



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