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Watch the World's Largest Candle Alight at Sunset


Make sure to time your visit to Rosokujima just right


If you’re looking for an escape from Japan’s dense cities, you’ve come to the right place. The Oki Islands, off the coast of Shimane Prefecture and comprising part of Daisen-Oki National Park, boast gorgeous rock formations and relatively untouched nature. It's no wonder they've been designated a UNESCO Global Geopark.
Just off the coast of Dogojima, the largest of the islands, is Rosokujima, or Candle Island. It juts straight up out of the ocean and towers over the water at 65 feet. Here, when the setting sun hits the tip of the rockfaces, it looks as if the island is being illuminated by candlelight.



Pleasure boats whose departure is timed perfectly to match the sunset will take you to the island. They depart from Fukuura Wharf and Akasaki Wharf, and though the trip only lasts about 50 minutes, the memories of this ocean sunset will stay with you for a lifetime!
The Oki Islands are about a 50-minute flight from Osaka's Itami Airport, or a total of 2 hours (with a stopover) from Tokyo's Haneda Airport. From Oki Airport, take a taxi or rent a car to get around Dogojima, and then take a ferry boat or high-speed vessel to the other three islands to explore the Oki Islands to your heart's content.



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approx. 50 min.


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