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© The Beppu Jigoku Association

“A Hell” to Enjoy at Beppu Onsen


Feel a sense of awe at the terrifying power and beauty of Kyushu’s natural world


The Hells of Beppu tour, despite the daunting name, is something any visitor to Beppu Onsen should experience. There are seven unique Hells here, each with its own special color, shape, and other characteristics. Hellish, but magnificent: these hot springs (too hot to bathe in) have been heated deep underground by magma, finally emerging on the surface after more than 1,000 years.


© The Beppu Jigoku Association


Each of them offers a unique sight and has been given a fitting name, from the deep cobalt blue of Umi Jigoku (Ocean Hell) to the fiery red Chinoike Jigoku (Blood Pond Hell). Four of these have been officially designated by the Japanese government as a Place of Scenic Beauty: Umi Jigoku, Chinoike Jigoku, Tatsumaki Jigoku (Tornado Hell), and Shiraike Jigoku (White Pond Hell). After enjoying the view, try some eggs and pudding cooked using the steam of these very hot springs. You will also find footbaths within the Hells of Beppu, but with the temperature reduced so they’re just right for a heavenly soak of your tired feet.

Access: From Tokyo Haneda Airport, fly to Oita Airport (about one hour 35 minutes), take the Oita Kotsu bus to Beppu Kitahama stop near Beppu Station (about 55 minutes), then take a taxi to the Hells (about 10 to 20 minutes).


© The Beppu Jigoku Association


Beppu Jigoku Tour (Beppu Jigoku Association)


559-1 Kannawa, Beppu-shi, Oita-ken

Duration Approx. 2 hours or more



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