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A Base for Environmental Recovery and Creation in Fukushima


Take an in-depth look at the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster and Fukushima’s environment today at Commutan Fukushima


The triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear radiation that struck Japan’s northeast, including Fukushima Prefecture, in March of 2011 caused vast devastation, and grave worries for people in Japan and abroad. To help educate the public on radiation and the environment of Fukushima, the Fukushima Prefectural Center for Environmental Creation’s Information and Communication Building (“Commutan Fukushima”) was opened in the town of Miharu in July 2016. 



“Commutan Fukushima” welcomes visitors of all ages to explore a range of interactive exhibits free of charge. An obligatory first stop is the “Fukushima since March 11, 2011” section, where one can look back on records of the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima’s struggle for recovery after the nuclear disaster. Another must-see exhibit is the “Radiation Lab,” where visitors can learn about the varieties and effects of radiation, along with how to protect oneself from radiation exposure. Apart from these, the “Environmental Creation Lab” seeks to promote renewable energy and a sustainable society that does not depend on nuclear power. The “Environmental Creation Theater” is a unique full-sphere projection theater that enlightens the audience about radiation fundamentals and shows off Fukushima’s natural beauty and cultural legacy through dynamic video and acoustics.

Access: From Tokyo Station, take the Tohoku or Yamagata Shinkansen to Koriyama Station (about one hour 17 minutes), then transfer to the Ban’etsu Line local train to Miharu Station (about 13 minutes) and take the municipal bus to the center (free for Commutan Fukushima users, but only runs four times daily).



Centre for Environmental Creation Communication Building COMMUTAN FUKUSHIMA


10-2 Fukasaku, Miharu-machi, Tamura-gun, Fukushima-ken

Duration Approx. 1 hour or more



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