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Learn the Ways of a Samurai at Shijimaya-Honpo


Admire Japanese swords and learn of their deep-rooted history


If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a samurai for even a moment, a visit to Shijimaya-Honpo is in order. At this historic shop located in the beautiful castle city of Kanazawa, you can experience local samurai culture to the fullest.
The Shijimaya family first established their business as merchants in the early Meiji era (1875), and have resided in Kanazawa’s Izumino district. Their merchant ways and culture have been passed down through the generations, and remain to the present day. The influence of samurai culture has also long been seen in the family—one of their ancestors married the descendant of a samurai, and the current head of the family descends from a samurai clan.



Sign up for their Samurai and Merchant Culture Experience Course and start your journey by exploring the history of these two distinct cultures. From there, get up close and personal with authentic samurai swords that have been passed down through the years. Top off by trying on a samurai kimono and snapping a couple of pictures as you pose with replica swords.
Looking for more? An optional course that includes a lavish meal of Japanese cuisine featuring traditional local fermented delicacies is also available. All this awaits the traveler just a 20-minute bus ride and 5-minute walk from JR Kanazawa Station.



Shijimaya-Honpo Yayoi-Honten




approx. 60 min. or more




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